June 26, 2018

Message about weather and cancellations.

NOTE: This message is for information only as we move forward.


Thank you all for your flexibility this spring season. We wanted to take a moment to let you all know about our policy for weather, in case there are future questions.

- for days with inclimate weather, we will wait until the 4-5pm window to make the call on the playability of the fields.

- calls are made earlier in the 4-5pm hour window if the fields are and will be unplayable (water, damage, or debris on the field) through the evening. Calls are made closer to 5pm whenever else possible, the goal is to hold the games as scheduled.

- we always try to play through light rain and wind

- thunder or lighting always equals a 30-minute delay from the last hear/observed event. No exceptions.

- if a call has not been made by 5pm, the field umpire makes the call after talking with the coaches. The umpire makes the final decision.

- TCKL will post all known weather events on the website or other media sources as we are able, and we will make attempts to notify coaches and umpires as we are able.

- the ultimate goal is to respect the time of our players and their families, Michigan weather is always predictably unpredictable, so we thank you for your patience and flexibility.

-please see our website and rules (posted under "downloads") for more information.