Sponsor Us

Interested in Becoming a TCKL Sponsor?

  • Forms Due by April 1st, 2018 
  • Team sponsorships are $200 for Coach-Pitch team, and $150 for all others. 
  • If you choose to sponsor a Coach-Pitch team, the sponsor logo or name will be featured on the shirts your team will wear during games. The players keep the shirts to wear after the season as well.  
  • If you choose to sponsor a team in one of the other leagues, the sponsor logo will be featured on a banner advertising the sponsor’s business, as well as on our website. The banner will be displayed at all of the teams’ games and at all games during All-Star day.  
  • Please provide camera ready artwork, such as a business card, to be used to create the t-shirt or banner. If artwork is provided, the logo will be placed on the TCKL website as well. Please send a digital copy to Ken Baumgarner and/or send a hard copy in with this form, to the P.O. Box address. Both are listed in the attached letter. Clicking HERE will also open a direct email link to Ken. 
To help sponsor TCKL, download the Sponsor Remittance Form HERE